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1.Terms of Payment:
a) Payment against bookings of the services intended to be availed by the clients are payable in full in advance at the time of booking. Management at its sole discretion accept token advance amount at the time of booking depending on the merit and circumstances of each client.
b) All Services rendered are subject to levy of statutory taxes for the time being in force, on the date of payment. Any additional tax as may be promulgated/levied/imposed by state/central government will be to the client’s account.
c) Services once booked cannot be cancelled.
2. Validity of Programme:
a) Guidance given by counselors shall be strictly followed by the clients.
b) Validity of the package taken by the client depends upon his health condition.
c) The Counselors will prescribe definite schedule and plan for each package relevant to individual client’s requirement and the client management cannot be held responsible for lack of achievement of intended results.
d) The management will not refunded any amount against booking and/or its services whether availed in full or not by the client during the validity of the programme. Payment received by the company against the services shall deemed to have been utilized in full in discharge of the company obligation.
e) The validity period as per requirement of the programme for each individual client is determined and conveyed to individual clients. it in the interest of the client to seek the requisite services within the validity period of the programme failing which the unexecuted programme/package will expire and no services will be rendered against the partly or fully unexecuted package
3. Rights and liabilities of the centre:
a)The management shall have right to close part or all of the facilities of the center due to repair, renovation maintenance, expansion of facilities or special events, without advance notice and to readjust the operating hours of the center accordingly.
b)The management shall have the right to alert, revoke, supplement or augment its terms and conditions as they see fit, shall make every effort to inform the clients of all amendments.
c) In any event, the maximum overall liability of the management in contract, tort shall be limited to the amount paid by the client, after adjusting the administrative service charges and all taxes due from the client.
4. Liability:
a)Any person, entering the center and using its facilities does so at its own risk. Neither the Centre, nor any associated company or body, including the centre’s employees, shall accept responsibility or liability for any injury or loss, including fatality or damage whatsoever to any person or their property. Any person who suffers an accident or injury on the center’s premises must report the accident or injury, and the circumstances under which it has occurred, to the duty manager immediately following the accident or injury.
5. Jurisdiction:
a)The validity, construction, and performance of terms and conditions’ herein shall be governed by the interpretation in accordance with the laws of India and the company and client agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hyderabad civil courts.
6. Conduct:
The management has right to prevent entry into the center of anyone whose behavior deemed by it to be unsuitable or objectionable. Client must show consideration for one another in and around the center. In particular, profane or abusive language and the threat or use of violence will not be tolerated. Clients are not permitted to bring personal food and beverages into the center from outside, personal sound systems will be permitted into the center.

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