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Skin Tightening Treatment

With age comes wisdom and so makes the skin loose and flabby. The loss of young, firm, toned and tightened skin is something we are missing as we age. What would happen if we could have all the wisdom without the age showing on our face and skin? Yes, now it is possible with Intragen – the next generation of skin tightening treatment at Scala Clinic.

Your worries about loose skin on the face, sagging skin, drooping eyelids, folds around the nose and neck can now rest in peace. The monopolar RF technology approved by USFDA in Intragen is an absolutely safe procedure that brings your young firm skin back and gives the perfect contour to your jaw line.

Signs of loose and saggy skin

Loose and saggy skin is common in men and women and is usually the effects of weight loss or gain, aging, gravity etc. The first signs of loose and saggy skin can be seen on the face and neck. Look at the mirror and see if you have any of the below: Lines of the forehead Falling eyelids Loose skin under the eyes visible pores causing rough texture skin folds and loose skin around the eye.

Nose Skin bent under the chin Suspend the jaw, Have you noticed any of the signs? If so, time to have a one-on-one consultation with dermatologists cosmetic experts at Scala Clinics.

RF for skin tightening

Monopole radiofrequency (RF) energy is a new and effective technology for non-surgical skin tightening. Intragenic is the most advanced RF machine that can treat the laxity of the skin by squeezing.

Intragenic RF Skin Tightening heats the dermis, stimulating the production and remodelling of cutaneous collagen. This procedure immediately tightens the skin without revealing any signs of the procedure. RF skin tightening is a perfect treatment for loose and saggy skin on the face and neck. It can give young look to the face by reducing the jaws and double chin, giving a definite jaw line etc.

Intragene for tightening the skin

Our face gives the secret of our time. Let the secret be a secret, and pamper your skin with the pioneering skin treatment squeezing with Intragenic.

Dermatologists, cosmetic experts from the Scala Clinic use this approved USFDA technology to treat all loose and saggy facial skin issues with the assurance of safety and effectiveness. Intragen’s skin tightening treatment at Scala Clinics tightens the loose facial tissue and sagging around the cheeks, under the eyes and the jaw line. The results are immediate because the Intragen RF equipment promotes collagen production of the skin and instantly improves blood flow, which causes the skin to tighten immediately.

Intragenic Advantage

Intragenic gives the skin a tighter and toned feel and appearance and softens lines and wrinkles. Intragenic is the preferred and most advanced treatment for skin tightening as its: USFDA approved for safety and efficiency the ability to treat loose or sagging skin of the face and neck effective young smooth appearance on all skin types and on patients of all ages absolutely natural and painless procedure.No artificial eyes or tell-tale sign procedure no risk or side effects Non-invasive not requiring anaesthesia or a topical anaesthetic cream

Try our beautiful skin tightening RF technology and regain your youth with firm, toned and tight skin; Visit one of the Hyderabad centres, ideally located, Scala clinics today.

Advantages of tightening the skin

The first benefit of skin tightening treatment is, it brings back your youth like skin again which is firm and toned. The many benefits of tightening the skin are:

Smoothes the wrinkles on the face and the skin of the neck reduces your age by years in a moment lifts skin loose or flabby effectively Farewell to wrinkles, fine lines, and even the lines of the frown Corrects the cutaneous grooves to some extent by skin tightening improves the texture of the skin a soft and smooth skin helps improve your overall skin appearance and elevate your confidence level to new heights

Why Scala

  • Scala clinics are your place to go for cosmetic dermatology treatments.
  • We are out of the crowd in skin clinics for our Strict protocols and tested.
  • Guidelines that are followed for each client Cosmetic specialist team

Dermatologists who have decades collective experience in the concerns related to skin intragen RF equipment is USFDA approved that is safe, Non-surgical and non-invasive We at Scala Clinics understand that every skin is different. Thus, we have customized the tightening of the skin treatment for each client given its type of skin and discreet, dignified and confidential.

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