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Skin Lightening

Laser Toning for Skin Rejuvenation

A shining complexion of the skin is always like a shot in the arm for self-confidence and self-esteem. Skin lightening stimulates your positive vibrations and gives a very healthy sensation. Scala has a special procedure called Advanced Skin Rejuvenation Solution and this is done by something called Q-switched ND-YAG laser.

If your skin has lost its shine due to tanning or damage caused by sun exposure or pimples, then stop worrying at once because Scala is your one stop solution. Skin Rejuvenation treatment is the most advanced among its types for all pigmentation concerns.

Advantages of the LASER TONATION

The goal of this treatment is to reduce the excess pigmentation in the skin that brings a healthy complexion. This is also useful to remove the deeper pigmentation and treat with tanning thus leaving you with a uniform skin tone. If you have marks on your skin due to sun exposure and other external factors, then this is the proper treatment. The happiest thing about this is, it also helps to keep your skin in a young condition and looks younger age.

Why Scala

  • Signature skin Rejuvenation treatment at Scala Clinics is the best because:
  • Cosmetic dermatologists are formed in a crowd of skin lightening treatment options that the revolutionary laser tonic treatment.
  • Lightening the skin with laser toning is done with US-FDA approved Q -switched ND-YAG laser equipment.
  • Each skin is different and its response to treatment. Hence our doctors customize skin lightening treatment taking into account your skin requirements. Assisting therapists are assisting therapists are rigorously formed on the lightening of the skin treatments.
  • Each Scala clinic is centralized and ideally located for easy access.
  • World-class facilities and a quiet atmosphere candidates at Scala Clinic and make sure that every customer receives the best service.
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