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Holistic Treatment for Hair Loss

Holistic Treatment for Hair Loss

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Hair loss is a painful problem for both men and women. The words “hair loss” and “hair thinning” are used by most people, including dermatologists, but there is a world of difference between the two. Scala’s rigorously trained dermato-trichologists use their clinical expertise and derma scopes to understand your hair anxiety and to find a holistic and long-term solution for it Scala is one of the Best Hair Fall Treatment Clinic in Hyderabad.
Excessive hair loss is caused by nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalance like thyroid problems. It can be triggered by intense physical or emotional stress which is cured by Holistic Hair Loss Remedies.
Patterned Hair loss:
The thinning of the hair becomes evident when hair delivery is not replaced; This is a genetic problem known as “patterned hair loss.” It can affect men (hair loss in men with the line of hair shrank and thinning on the crown) and women (female pattern hair loss, frequently associated with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, with wider gap and loss of density Of hair on the forehead of the scalp).
PRP Hair Therapy in Scala to recover lost hair at Scala, we investigate the root cause of hair anxiety and treat it accordingly. We use the most advanced molecules to stop hair loss and platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) to bring back lost hair. We are very proud of our PRP protocol because we are able to deliver ideal platelet concentrations precisely to stem cells in the most cost-effective way possible.
Holistic treatment for hair loss:
Hair is the visible strand composing of keratins, disulfide bonds without living cellular structures. It is produced by hair follicles a cellular structure that lies deep within the dermis. It produces hair shaft continuously at a rate of 0.1-1 mm per day.
Hair fall is caused by many triggers such as

  1. Pollution can damage hair shaft causing breakage and hair fall. It can also cause oxidative stress at root level resulting in miniaturization
  2. Hard water containing heavy metals can damage disulfide bonds resulting in hair shaft abnormalities causing split ends, thinning and hair fall.
  3. Stress can cause loss of hair from damage to hair follicle
  4. Anemia can result in loss of hair fall resulting from low iron
  5. Fever and any surgical stress can trigger hair loss in 3 months
  6. Genetic baldness can also cause patterned hair fall known as androgenic alopecia
  7. Autoimmune conditions such lupus, alopecia areata, lichen planus pseudopelade all can cause hair fall that are sometimes irreversible.
  8. Infections such as fungal infections, bacterial infections can also cause permanent hair fall sometimes
  9. Trauma and burns and malignaices sometimes trigger hair fall
  10. Drugs sometimes cause hair fall such as isotretinoin, anti cancer drugs and some anti hypertensives etc.
Holistic Treatment For Hair Loss in scala means assessing the hair structure and shaft and scalp by means of trichoscopy and trichogram to find some of the definitive causes of hair fall after taking thorough history and Hair Fall Problem Solution.
After the scanning tests, if there is no conclusive evidence of hair fall causes then few tests will be ordered to find the causative diseases such as anemia, autoimmune disorders and fungal infections.
Once the definitive diagnosis is made, treatment options change from medications to hair transplant curtailing the needs of the patients in holistic way with Best Hair Specialist in Hyderabad.
  1. medications such as minoxidil, peptides, capixyl and its analogues, growth serums, biotin and calcium panothenates oral supplements, finesteride and duteresteride etcs.
  2. Best Hair Remedy For Hair Fall Good conditioner shampoos without sulfate and hair oil in some persons who have the habbit of applying hair oil can boost the texture of hair minimizing split ends as well.
  3. PRP therapy where we take 10-40 ml of blood of patients and separate platelets and concentrate them regularly in order to microinject into the scalp at regular intervals of 2-4 weeks.
  4. Stem cell therapy for Hair Growth Treatment in Hyderabad. where we inject stem cell factors such as hair stimulating complex containing solutions into scalp at regular intervals similar to PRP therapy.
  5. Hair stimulation therapy called rejuva. It consists of taking small piece of skin and separating the extract containing dermal papillae cells and injecting into the scalp to stimulate dormant stem cells in hair follicle bulge. These sessions are carried at 2 month intervals. This therapy is still under study.
  6. Immunotherapy for alopecia areata consists of topical application o f DPCP weekly and it lasts for 3-6 months
  7. Chemotherapy for lichen planopilaris, alopecia areats and pseudopelade etc.
  8. Low level light therapy for androgenic alopecia consists of weekly application of low intense light therapy.
  9. Derma needling therapy consists of usage of microneedles applying on the scalp at regular intervals it increases the efficacy of other therapies such as PRP and stem cell therapy and also acts as drug penetration enhancer system for topical application of medications.
All these therapies are carefully suited or combined to give maximal benefit to the patient by increasing highest efficacy possible in safer way by holistic approach @ scala.