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Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

Scala is best in providing hair loss treatment for both men and women. PRP is a great treatment option for hair loss because it helps in increasing hair count, hair thickness, and the growth of the hair. Scala has its own standard PRP method which is very effective and made us leaders in the market. PRP is derived from pulling the patient’s own blood and it contains growth factors working on different target cells.

PRP hair loss treatment is suitable for both men and women. Anyone experiencing hair loss is a good candidate for PRP treatment. It is nonsurgical, natural medical procedure used for the treatment of hair loss. In this procedure, where its own plasma enriched in platelets is used to regenerate and improve the thickness of the hair in the bald areas of the scalp by very small injections in the roots of the hair.

PRP hair treatment process in Scala:

platelet-rich platelet therapy begins with the initial consultation. It is the most important step wherein the client’s condition of the scalp, Amount of hair fall and health statistics are checked by the dermato-trichologist. A good personalized treatment plan is made that includes a detailed prescription, necessary investigations, dietary instructions, etc. All concerns regarding the procedure are cleared. Depends on the client’s lifestyle and state of health doctors defines the expectation of the results after the procedure.

The initial consultation is followed by the steps below.

 The physician collects 15 to 20 ml of client blood with tiny needles and cannulas under sterile precautions according to Scala’s rigorous protocols.

The blood thus collected in tubes is subjected to a double centrifugation method which is unique to Scala. The double spinning ensures that the number of plates obtained is the best.

The target area to be treated on the head is well cleaned with antiseptic lotions.

The dermato-trichologist infuses the active platelets in the affected area with very small syringes.

After the session, you are given 15 to 20 minutes for relaxation before leaving to resume normal duties.

Required care instructions and prescription are given to ensure proper compliance with optimal results.

The same steps are followed for each PRP treatment session at Scala.

Risks Involved:

There are no real risks associated with PRP Treatment if there is any minimal discomfort during injection cool air or ice packs may be used to minimize pain.

A warm shower, as the hot temperature will enhance blood flow and circulation throughout the scalp.

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