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Hair Loss Clinics in KPHB

Hair Loss Clinics in KPHB

If you are experiencing hair loss and need an effective hair loss treatment consult scala skin and hair loss clinics in KPHB. Scala Clinic for hair fall is proud to be called as the one-stop shop for Hair loss Treatment in Hyderabad. Scala’s rigorously trained dermato-trichologists use their clinical expertise and derma scopes to understand your hair anxiety and to find a holistic and long-term solution for it. Hair loss affects most men and women between age 18 and 40. Androgenetic Alopecia in men usually occurs due to genetic reasons. While in women, genetic hair loss occurs mainly due to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). This may cause regular shedding of air, reduced hair volume or both.

Apart from genetic reasons, there are many other reasons that causes hair loss includes hectic work life, poor lifestyle, use of hair styling methods such as gels, hair colors, lack of healthy nutrition, pregnancy, nutrient deficiency, side effects of certain medication, hormonal imbalance and improper care and attention towards the hair. Hair loss should never be taken lightly. When you experience hair loss immediately seek help from medical professionals. If the hair loss is treated in early stages changes of re-growth is more. If not treated some hair loss may lead to baldness.Hair loss clinics in KPHB

Scala provides Hair Rejuvenation Treatment for hair loss:

This treatment is clinically and scientifically proven to safely and efficiently stimulate cellular metabolism, protein Synthesize and regenerate tissues while increasing blood flow. Visible results occur within a few weeks.

Clinically and scientifically proven laser hair rejuvenation.

Supported by 15 years of clinical and scientific studies, laser therapy documents an increase of 40 to 60% of the capillary density.

Combined with a significant success rate of 85% in stopping the progression of hair loss, laser hair rejuvenation

Treatment is clinically and scientifically proven for its remarkable results without incidence of unwanted side effects.

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