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Dr Ramesh Babu Bommaji

Dr.Ramesh Babu Bommaji is a dynamic, enthusiastic and dedicated young  surgeon who has the vision to operate cosmetic and surgery at affordable prices in ordinary people.

Patient Approach

Dr.Ramesh Babu Bommaji is refreshingly honest with his patients, providing the facts about the procedure and realistic results. At Scala Skin & Hair Transplant clinic we provide the fact about the progress and possible realistic results, With the standed offered treatment that makes you happy and satisfied offers our complete treatment.

We knows that by the time you sit in our clinic you have spent hours researching your desired procedure on Google and YouTube but you still have questions and you would like to get your surgeon’s advice on the solution That suits you best. So, Dr. Ramesh Babu treats you as the intelligent adult, informed that you are, while giving you the staff, one on one service and attention that you deserve with the utmost patience.

Truly attentive, accessible and down to earth

You would be hard-pressed to find a patient or a peer who do not agree that Dr. Ramesh Babu is a great guy. Many patients are stunned at his exam calls to check the patient’s progress after surgery, where he feels his treatment is not just surgery.

He is well experienced in both aesthetic surgery and cosmetic laser procedures, which gives him an edge over his peers.

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