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Dr. Krupa Lakshmi

Dr.Krupa Lakshmi Yadav is a full-face specialist, the specialist in skin and hair, cosmetologist, cosmetic surgeon, tricologist and specializes in consulting hair transplantation specialized in the impeccable face and center of cutaneous transplantation, at the Scala Clinic in Hyderabad.

Consulting Of Practicing Cosmetologist and tricologist at Scala Clinic.
Specially trained in scalp art and micro-pigmentation for scalp, lips, eyebrows and other head & neck areas, providing permanent make up.
Skilled doctors for injecting botulinum Toxin i.e by trade name BOTOX and fillers for Antiaging Treatments.
Trained in handling Lasers for skin rejuvenation, acne P. to and scars with advanced CO2 LASER, ND:YAG LASER, INTENSED PULSED LIGHT(IPL) and Diode LASER for unwanted hair Reduction,and Pigmentation with Q.Switch technology.


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