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Cosmetic Hair Lace System Base


Cosmetic Hair Lace System Base:

Cosmetic Hair Lace System Base Balding and hair loss is a common occurrence not only among men but also women. Whatever the common it may be, but it has the strength to suck a person’s self-confidence with his or her happiness. If you do not want to go for any medical procedure or you want instant results, Scala  Cosmetic hair lace system base is for you.

Non Surgical Lace system  – For Men & Women

What is the Hair Lace System?

Visually undetectable and invisible, the hair lace system is a process at Scala that is completely non-surgical and gives a natural hairline appearance. They can be decorated and separated like natural hair and reveals a realistic scalp that looks convincing natural even after careful inspection.

Hair lace system is not a hair transplant, which means that the hair does not grow naturally, nor is it a form of wig that means it will not be detectable.

The hair lace system is composed of a base that is custom made to suit the customer’s lifestyle and skin tone and the area of the scalp that is baldness. The chosen base is mounted in a plaster mold from the bald area of the scalp for a better fit. Human hair after treatment and cleaning of their enamel, 99.9% matching your existing hair color and texture are robotically injected into the base of the lace with a density as you had earlier. This unit can be attached to your scalp. It does not require a unit to turn off and set on all the time.

Advantages of the hair lace system:

Undetectable Folding

Dense like your original lost hair

Naturally, defines the front line

Fits perfectly with adhesive tape or liquid adhesive

Base made of extremely fine lace to give a perfect and natural skin look

No chance of infection because the unit has sweat-made pores and scalp oil outside

Unique robotic hair injected into the unit for a cleaner and denser look

The strands of hair are made of the best virgin hair available in the market unlike the use of synthetic hair or animals used by others. The hair is not treated by any type of chemicals and is naturally colored which lasts up to 6 to 12 months depending on the use.

It has a very low maintenance cost and an additional service to add new hair in a timely manner is also offered.




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