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Anti Dandruff Therapy

Anti Dandruff Therapy

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Dandruff is one of the most common enemies of self-confidence. It’s unpleasant, embarrassing and itchy. It can keep people and family away from you and can make you spend a fortune on countertop shampoos, lotions, and other natural remedies.
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Dandruff is a familiar scalp irregularity. It is disturbing most of the people adult age.  Dandruff generally forms in young, adult age because creation of oil is seen high at this age  and commonly observed in certain ages of 30’s,40’s .Dandruff is reduced after the age of 50, over the life-time period at least for once we would be affected by dandruff. Most common symptoms are itching and also we observe layer formation on the skin.
The actual reasons for dandruff are unknown. It is literally a tiny form of seborrheic dermatitis, a skin status which appeared by yellowish, redness, itching and inflammation of the scalp. Mostly it is caused due to surplus oiliness. Yeast which is responsible for dandruff is MALASSEZIA. And the adult age this yeast consumes heavy oil which breaks down and releases a bi-product which forms dandruff.
We assumes common factors responsible for formation of dandruff are as pollution, hereditary, seasonal and climatic conditions. It also differs from skin to skin texture, type of hair products we use and how often we wash our hair. Bacteria and fungus are also responsible for dandruff, which may happen to poor hygienic conditions. One of the feelings we sense much itching don’t scratch your scalp though you feel itching.
We generally don’t have any particular treatment medically for dandruff  Hair Therapy for Dandruff. We prescribe anti-dandruff treatment by using laser comb is Best Remedy For Dandruff. This is done by laser comb; we do the hair wash using anti-dandruff surgical shampoos. In general prescribed medications are lotions such as kevon, cambizole and biotin plus in regular amount.
Post Anti Dandruff Treatment in Hyderabad:

  • It reduces the amount of dandruff
  • Zero percent of side effects
  • Reduces hair fall and strengthens roots.
  • Wash your hair regularly with medicated shampoos.
  • Maintain high protein-diet.
Why Scala?

Scala Hair Clinic in Hyderabad is Dandruff Treatment Hospital Since dandruff has many reasons to arise, the trichologist needs room on the diagnosis for treatment. Our trichologists and dermatologists get this right all the time