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Anti Aging Services

The law of nature is something that humans can not go against and aging is one of those challenges. But there are few measures that allow us to reverse or reduce the revealing signs of an ageing face. This can lead to immense psychological benefits that enhance the personal image and social interaction skills. This also encourages positive thinking, benefiting in the long term from health and longevity indirectly.

It is of two main types, namely intrinsic ageing, and extrinsic ageing.

Intrinsic ageing is genetically programmed while extrinsic ageing is due to environmental factors such as sunlight, stress, pollution, smoking  and so on.

Scala is a unique destination to fight ageing. The reason Scala is chosen by many is due to the arming of techniques and equipment to deal with ageing coupled with thorough understanding and knowledge of our dermatologists on skin ageing, their extensive experience, and the safety profile that ‘ they follow.

So hurry up! Smile and get dimples at Scala rather than worry and get wrinkles …

Anti-Aging Services:

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